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For over twenty years in Private Practice as a psychotherapist, coach and presenter for numerous individual, community and corporate organizations, Dr Zavala has put her passion into helping people through personal one on one sessions, small private groups, and seminars.

Due to Dr Zavala's knowledge and enthusiasm she has been a guest speaker for numerous radio shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles, teaching Continuing Education for other therapists and a Life Coach on Bravo Television.

Specialising in interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy.  Individual and couples therapy.  Mindfulness training.

Dr Zavala mentors other therapists to assist them in not only building a successful Private Practice, but also encouraging them to develop their own uniqueness they  offer to the community and their clients.

As a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist, Dr. Zavala assists clients in empowering themselves through the concept of self-responsibility, accountability and living with intention and authenticity. Dr. Shelly Zavala is passionate about bringing together the concepts of Neurobiology, Relationships and Spirituality and is an avid reader and researcher of how these three concepts come together and impact peoples lives.

Dr Zavala uses this passion to share her knowledge and enthusiasm to the community through writing, teaching, speaking, radio and television.

Dr Zavala writes a bi-weekly article for the Newport Independent Newspaper that she shares her new findings that she believes can assist people in living more authentically. Dr. Zavala has also completed four workbooks, on Parenting, Intuitive Joy, Living Intentionally, and Awakening to Possibility.


Dr Zavala is currently in the process of completing her first book on her passion of people being able to live an intentional life.


Doctor Shelly Zavala graduated magna cum laude from Southern California University for Professional Studies with a Phy.D. in Psychology in 2002. The same year Dr. Zavala received her License to practice as a Marriage Family Therapist. She received her Masters in Psychology from Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley in 1998 and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand where Dr. Zavala spent the first 22 years of her life before moving to California in 1990.

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